Republicans Banned from Churches, Dems Only Please

Liberals are all in a twist over Justice Sunday, a simulcast to participating churches nationwide scheduled for later today expressing outrage over filibuster tactics Dems are using to block judicial nominees based on their religious views or moral convictions.In a laughable/nauseating attempt of bullying, Leftys are even spinning the event as an attack on the religious views of Democrats.Participants in the simulcast include Chuck Colson, Dr. Al Mohler (President of Southern Baptist Seminary) and Dr. James Dobson just to name a few. But the participant that’s drawing a dumbfounding amount of far left ire is Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist from Tennessee.For some reason, The New York Times evidently doesn’t want Frist identified with religious conservatives-

“With his patrician bearing and background in the relatively liberal Presbyterian Church, Dr. Frist, a Harvard-trained transplant surgeon, does not fit in as naturally with Christian conservatives as President Bush.”

Translation: Frist is smart, Bush and religious conservatives are dumb.Democrats and more liberal church groups are even attacking Frist’s faith, saying that he’s abandonding his Presbyterian beliefs, which should be more “ecumenical” instead of pandering to religious extremists.Excuse me? First off, let’s assume that Frist is NOT being ecumenical and he’s not being a true Presbyterian like these hyenas are saying. Weren’t Dems all up in arms when Kerry was accused of picking and choosing what his Catholic faith meant to him last Fall?Take a look at the major speakers at this event: a psychologist that’s a Nazarene (Dobson), a school president that’s Baptist (Mohler), a former White House hatchet man that wrote “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” (Colson), and a Harvard trained surgeon turned Senate majority leader who’s a Presbyterian (Frist.) Sounds pretty ecumenical to me.The most sickening part is the liberal attack tactics on Frist to keep him out of this simulcast picked up by hundreds of churches this weekend. The MSM would crucify any Republican that would criticize Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton or even John Kerry for going to a church and talking politics from behind the pulpit. The funny thing is, no Republican would even mention it.In response to Justice Sunday, Drive Democracy and the Clergy and Laity Network have organized “Social Justice Sunday”. Here’s an excerpt of the invitation from the ironically named organization, Building the Beloved Community-

“Progressive religious leaders from around the country are joining with Clergy and Laity Network and DriveDemocracy to take the fight to GOP Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and the extreme right’s unprecedented attack on the constitution and the judiciary. All people of faith in the Louisville area who are outraged by the cynical mix of politics and religion must attend this important public gathering. We cannot let the extreme right speak for us.”

By the way, did I mention this political protest for people of “progressive” faith is being held at a church?One such progressive denomination supporting the Lefty version of the rally, the United Church of Christ, announced two days ago a proposed resolution approving of gay marriage to be voted on this summer. This is the same church that ran the ‘bouncer’ tv ads rejected by many networks found here.The real fear that liberals have over Frist’s participation in Justice Sunday is not just that religious conservatives will like the senator, it’s that undecideds and moderates will like a Harvard educated, well-spoken, sincere man of science and faith come 2008.

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