Rehnquist is Dead

He died tonight at his home in Virginia.

MORE: Jeff Jarvis was watching FoxNews when the announcement was made. Susan Estrich was on camera saying that Katrina changes the landscape, therefore, Bush is weakened and will be under pressure to appoint a minority to the court.


Any minute now we’ll hear the conspiracy theory that the announcement of Rehnquist’s death was intentionally timed to distract from New Orleans.


  1. Because, of course, Bush would never appoint a minority unless he was under pressure. Condoleezza Rice? Colin Powell? Alberto Gonzales? Mel Martinez?

    Nah, they’re not minorities. (!)

  2. Another bureaucrat dead. Another will take his place. What do you remember about this dude? Did he legalize marijuana finally? Did he help end the useless sanctions against Cuba after 43 years? Did he save us from eminant domain, a legal process by which the government can take your home? Really, the guy was a loser, wasn’t he?

  3. If they’re not moniorities then what are they? They’re not allowed to have conservative views to be a minority?

  4. Nit, sorry, I didn’t realise I’d need to add “/sarcasm” to that.

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