Recount Hell

Washington State Democrats come up with the money, so we’re on to another recount in our gubernatorial race. This time, by hand.

"It sounds like they want to make Florida look like a tea party," complained Mary Lane, a Rossi spokeswoman. "It’s outrageous, it’s dangerous and it shows how little Christine Gregoire cares about the Democratic process. She will do virtually anything to try to win.

"We are not going to let this stand. We will not let her try to steal this election. Dino has won this election twice legitimately and Christine Gregoire is trying to overturn this election illegitimately."

Democrats are more interested in getting new ground rules than in the
statewide recount, said state GOP Chairman Chris Vance.

"We’re into a street brawl. It’s bad for the system. We’re now way off the
map. We’re into the political Twilight Zone. Democrats are breaking every rule
of politics and by doing this, Christine Gregoire has forfeited any chance she
had to be considered legitimate if she were to win.

"This is an Armageddon-type process."

But Gregoire was delighted that donors flooded the state party with enough
money to pay for the full recount, rather than just a partial recount in some
counties. A day earlier, she had threatened to concede if the party counted only
hand-picked counties.

"We have a thoughtful system of counting every vote in Washington state, and
over the next few weeks, we will see it work," she said. "With the election too
close to call, a hand count will finally determine the winner. …

"It may take a few more weeks, but it will be worth it for four years of

Good Lord.

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