Quite a Payday

Cheat on your husband, get a divorce and net $40 million.

A judge has awarded the former wife of a multimillionaire businessman a divorce settlement worth more than $40 million, even though she admitted having affairs with both her rock-climbing guide and a man she met on a flight to China.

In addition to a $24 million payment, Susan Sosin will keep the couple’s $3.6 million Manhattan apartment, $2 million Utah ski house and $800,000 home in Wallkill, N.Y. But she has to vacate the couple’s two mansions in Connecticut and three desert properties in Arizona.

In the divorce granted Wednesday, she also gets to keep $6 million in her brokerage accounts, eight cars and $2.9 million in jewelry, including a ruby piece her husband had bought for her but hadn’t given to her prior to their divorce.

Richard Albrecht, attorney for Sosin’s husband, Howard Sosin, estimated the total value of the award at $43 million, or 27 percent of the estate. She wanted half, he said.

“My opinion is her conduct in this matter affected the award,” Albrecht said.

The life of the super rich. And I love that quote from the lawyer. You can almost hear the hint of disappointment in his voice. Excuse me Sir, SHE GOT $40 MILLION DOLLARS! And he’s bummed out. Hah.

I’m sure the appeal is forthcoming. I mean really, how can anyone live on a measly $40 million?

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