Purpose Driven Christian Bashing

Jonathan Hutson employs the ‘six degrees of separation’ methodology on Rick Warren, Tim LaHaye, Tyndale Publishing House and “Dominionist Christians” everywhere just to make a single point.

He hates Christianity, prostheletizing Christians, and everything else found beneath that umbrella.

By the way, Jonathan. “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” doesn’t have a ‘prayer’ of success in the highly competitive world of computer gaming, so I don’t know why you’re getting all uppity about it. One look at the screenshots you posted tells me that this production, like most Christian themed games, will get laughed at by serious gamers. While that’s unfortunate, it’s a reality.

The real issue is stewardship. The financiers of Left Behind Games would likely find a more effective avenue for ministry if they were to put their millions of dollars into producing paper Bibles for Christians in China.

But, I digress…


  1. Confederate Yankee says:

    Bill, I did a Google News search and came across this, which seems to be fairly enthused about it, not just for the plot, but for the quality and experience of the game builders.

    I don’t think it will a top-seller, mind you, but I don’t think it will be a dog, either.

  2. Six degrees of separation?

    By my count it is about one degree.

    Aside from your predictions as to its success, what do you think of the game-theme itself?

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