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The County Board of Elections in Cuyahoga County, Ohio has opened an investigation to determine whether any Republicans broke the law when they switched parties in the March 4 presidential primary. Disgruntled Democrats are annoyed by the idea that Republicans intentionally voted for Hillary Clinton to keep her in the race for the Democratic nomination. The goal being that as long as the Democratic nomination remains up for grabs, and the two candidates continue to eat each other alive, it’s good for John McCain’s White House prospects. Those who allegedly crossed over signed statements pledging allegiance to their new party.

Of course this whole thing is completely absurd and yet another waste of the tax payers hard earned dollars. But then again, it’s the Democratic party we’re talking about, so this is nothing new.

Question: How does one prove disingenuousness, anyway?

I guess the real question is, did this so called “pledge” signed by cross over voters require some minimal term of time for the duration of one’s allegiance. If it did not, then the allegiance could start at signing and end upon exiting the polling station.

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