Princess 'Toot'

I’m so tired of stories like this.

Diana, Princess of Wales, took cocaine and was worried it would kill her, according to new claims today.

Friend and confidante Simone Simmons makes the claim in her controversial book Diana: The Last Word, in which she also alleges the Princess had a relationship with John F Kennedy Jr.

In the book, serialised in The Sun, Ms Simmons insists that Diana told her a boyfriend, who was a habitual user, once urged her to try the drug.

She said the experience was so frightening for the Princess that she vowed not to use it again and help addicts.

The 49-year-old said: “Diana just said he offered it to her and she asked, ‘What do you do?’ and he told her.

“It made her feel so ill. It made her feel sick, dizzy and breathless. She felt she was going to have a heart attack and die when she tried cocaine.”

The lady is DEAD. As in No Longer Living. Oh, and another thing – her KIDS ARE STILL ALIVE, and they read this crap. Worst of all, their mother cannot defend the allegations, so they just sit out there as fact. Yeah, I know she was a celebrity and all, but so what.

She’s dead, let it be.

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