Pot To Kettle: You're Black

Via AP, Castro calls Bush "Deranged".

In his first public remarks since the United States dubbed Cuba an outpost of tyranny, Fidel Castro called President Bush "deranged" and belittled recent improvements in relations between Cuba and Europe.

In a televised address late Tuesday, Castro maintained his trademark go-it-alone attitude, saying his communist-run island is a paradise that is doing fine without the help of the United States or Europe.

Cuba "doesn’t need the United States. It doesn’t need Europe," he said. "What a wonderful thing to be able to say, that (Cuba) doesn’t need any assistance — it’s learned to live without it."

And have you seen Cuba lately? Buildings falling apart, raw sewage in the streets, a non-existent healthcare system…the list is too long. Yeah, learned to live without it, right.

That’s why Cuban people drown in the Ocean between Cuba and Florida. That’s why Cuban people try to stow away on flights to the US and end up freezing to death in the wheel well of the plane. They’ve learned to live without the dream of freedom.

Who’s deranged?

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