Possessing the Very Power of God

If you visit, browse and read as many websites as I do, you probably have a short list of places that never fail to enrage you. It might be a militant left wing wacko blog, an MSM news site, or a bulletin board filled with whiners. Have you ever secretly wished you could simply click a button and immediately launch a missile attack, a meteor shower, or even nuclear holocaust on every square inch of that cursed HTML? Well, now you can, from anywhere in the world, muster God like powers to smite the blog, or vaporize the annoying columnist.

Look no further than Netdisaster.

Type in the “soon to be anhiliated” URL, choose your catastrophe, and the level of destruction. Control the burn yourself or sit back and let NetDisaster do your bidding. It’s up to you.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.

UPDATE: I believe I’ve found a new site to smite. I’ll be “pushin the button” in your honor Jeff.

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