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11:37 AM AP, Reuters / Flash from the Vatican, Pope John Paul II is dead.

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Live Video from St Peter’s Square 

Via Drudge: VATICAN SAYS POPE’S CONDITION HAS WORSENED. POPE SUFFERING FROM HEART AND KIDNEY PROBLEMS. Breathing ‘has become shallow’ and his kidney function is deteriorating. Suffering low blood pressure.


MORE: Italian media gave contradictory reports about Pope John Paul’s vital signs on Friday, first saying his heart and brain activity had stopped and then reporting this was not true… Developing…

AP: The Vatican has denied reports that Pope John Paul II has died…

Meanwhile, the tribute sites are starting to come up. 

1:21 PM PST: Still no word on condition of Pope John Paul II

Cardinals: Jockeying for position

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2:00 PM PST: Vatican – Pope John Paul II is near death


The Guardian: Thousands gather at St. Peter’s square

CNN: Vatican can run smoothly in trouble times

TV Networks scramble to provide coverage


Vatican procedures upon the death of a Pope

Grade schoolers express concerns for Pope

Pope transition FAQ

MSNBC Video Coverage

Fox mistakenly reports death of Pope

The Fox News Channel reported — wrongly — that the pope had died, before backpedaling several minutes later.

Reporter Shepard Smith explained later that a Fox sister company in Italy had been listening to an inaccurate report, and it was transmitted to Fox. He apologized for the mistake.

Cable news grisly deathwatch

Papal Politicking?

Top church officials make one last visit

Among the top church officials who gathered at his bedside was Archbishop Paolo Sardi, the Vatican vice chamberlain. The chamberlain runs the Holy See between the death of a pope and the election of a new one.

Another visitor was Cardinal Edmund Szoka, the governor of Vatican City and former archbishop of Detroit, who said the pope was being given oxygen.

“As soon as he saw me, he recognized me,” Szoka told the CBS’ “Early Show.” “I blessed him and as I did, he tried to make the sign of the cross. So he was perfectly lucid, perfectly conscious, but was having a great deal of trouble breathing.

“And I don’t know how long he can continue with that. They were giving him oxygen and all that sort of thing, helping him,” Szoka said.

Cardinal Marcio Francesco Pompedda, a high-ranking Vatican administrator, visited the pope Friday and said he opened his eyes and smiled.

“I understood he recognized me. It was a wonderful smile – I’ll remember it forever. It was a benevolent smile – a father-like smile,” Pompedda told RAI television. “I also noticed that he wanted to tell me something but he could not. … But what impressed me very much was his expression of serenity.”

Trey Jackson with John Paul II tribute video.

Vatican: the Holy See

WaPo: Breathing is shallow, kidneys are failing

Via MSNBC: Pope and Catholic blogs and Exceptional encounters with the Pope

Helped overthrow communism in Europe

The Pope of Popes

Questions of succession carries huge impact

Vatican announces new bishops

8:54 PM PST – Pope condition “very grave”

Cardinals head to Rome to cast votes

Faithful look for signs of Pope’s passing

Vatican press office closes | 12:14 a.m. ET

The Vatican press office, which stayed open throughout the night as several hundred people remained in St. Peter’s Square to pray for the ailing pope, closed around 10 p.m. ET. The office was to open again at 3 a.m. ET.

Rumors of possible Vatican statement | 2:14 a.m. ET

Word of a possible statement from the Vatican at 3 a.m. ET is coming from a Romania-based TV station. The press office reopened at 2 a.m. ET.

Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan: “There is no more hope.”

Pope John Paul II was near death as dawn approached Saturday, his breathing shallow and his heart and kidneys failing, the Vatican said. Millions of faithful around the world paid homage, many weeping as they knelt with bowed heads, others carrying candles in prayer for the 84-year-old pontiff.

The pope “is on the verge of death,” Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, head of the Vatican’s health care office, told the Mexican television network Televisa. “I talked to the doctors and they told me there is no more hope.”

Fox News TV: Pope’s death is imminent

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  1. Pope John Paul II’s Condition Worsens

    MSNBC has a Vatican Watch page. Here’s the latest:VATICAN DENIAL | 1:55 p.m. ET The Vatican denies reports that Pope John Paul II has died.As Vatican watchers will tell you there is a protocol for announcing (or rather signaling) the…

  2. My elaborate post on the Pope is here. I originally posted it when CNN and Fox declared him dead, but when they said he had not yet gone, I updated it to show that fact, and will update it again when he finally goes Home to be with Christ.

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    I’m so sorry he died. I loved just like you guysdid. I’m very sorry. love me.

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