Pomeranian Perks for Governor Christine Gregoire

When you’re governor of the great State of Washington, you’re afforded things others aren’t, like state patrol protection for your dog.

According to the Seattle P-I,  the state patrol is now protecting Christine Gregoire’s Pomeranian from raccoons, coyotes and possums that live near the governor’s mansion grounds.  The State Patrol has gone so far as to hire a professional trapper to protect the 13-pound Franz.

“We have raccoons and coyotes in my neighborhood, but state troopers don’t camp out to protect my neighbors’ pets,” said Washington State Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance.  “I’m sure there isn’t a tremendous amount of money being spent here, but the arrogance is amazing.  It’s no wonder Christine Gregoire is one of the most unpopular governors in America.”


Nice use of the American flag there, Christine. Oh, and your dog is ugly too.

UPDATE – 02/09/06: The dog was hit by a car and died. I’m not kidding.


  1. Lynn Williams says:

    You are a rude, malicious and petty human being. Oh, and you are ugly, too.

  2. Ohh her poor poor little doggy got run over last monday. I’m not sure I ever laughed quite so hard in my life

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