Poll Says Americans Support NSA Efforts

The Washington Post and ABC News have conducted a poll on the NSA program to log telephone numbers and mine the data for terrorist activity. The results show that a majority of the people support the effort as an effective way to combat terrorism. This runs contrary to the Beltway’s weeping and gnashing of teeth, and short circuits the siren wail of the MSM.

The new survey found that 63 percent of Americans said they found the NSA program to be an acceptable way to investigate terrorism, including 44 percent who strongly endorsed the effort. Another 35 percent said the program was unacceptable, which included 24 percent who strongly objected to it.

A slightly larger majority–66 percent–said they would not be bothered if NSA collected records of personal calls they had made, the poll found.

Underlying those views is the belief that the need to investigate terrorism outweighs privacy concerns.

In other words, a majority of people would rather live than be killed as a result of a surprise terrorist attack on our homeland. Make sense to me.

Of course I would be remiss if I were to withhold my reservations on instantly parroting a poll that seems to agree with what I believe. That is what most liberals do, and seeing as how I know that poll results are a direct result of the questions asked, I feel a little queasy waving this poll as an example of God honest truth. For now though, I’ll stay with my hunch that this poll is probably closer to the truth than most.

The MSM hasn’t let go of the story yet. Most are playing catch up to USA Today. Obviously their story yesterday caught many by surprise. As a result, we can look forward to this being a topic on the Sunday shows. It will be interesting to hear the opinions of Congress members now that this poll is out. Expect a lot of U-turns.

The lefty blogs seem disappointed that Americans aren’t as paranoid as they are. I suspect they’re upset that they won’t be able to gain much more traction with this story. Yesterday, their roller coaster was on top. Today, it’s come barreling down. Man, it must be tough to ride that ride day in and day out. But hey, it’s not like they can’t get off whenever they want.

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