Police Are Looters Too

When the cops are criminals, you can flush the rule of law down the toilet.


I wrote about it, someone corroborated it, and now the video proves it.

h/t Crooks & Liars


  1. Sad but true. The only good thing about this (if you can say that) is what it shows us about the true nature of so many people.

  2. The idiots at crooks and liars consistently piss me off. Virtually every single commenter has said, “they’re not looting, they’re just disadvantaged and taking needed supplies!” (like TVs?)

    And there have already been a dozen “I hate Wal-Mart! They deserve it!” comments…

  3. When you have already stripped a city of its morality, can you really be surprised when the city is under duress that the full ugliness that immorality and corruption is, is brought to the surface. Immorality breeds evil, good and plentiful times are effective at masking that fact, but put that immoral person or society in a pinch and all the ugliness is revealed. Just a thought.

  4. Looters Should Be Shot On Sight…

    Update II (4:17 p.m.): The “poor and hungry” are shooting at rescue workers and helicopters. Classy. Liberal apologists will excuse/defend it, I’m sure. Anybody brandishing a gun who’s not wearing a uniform should be shot on si…

  5. And on i must says:

    I wonder what the msnbc reporter took after the cameras were turned off.

  6. Nykola.com says:

    Chaos All Around

    “But for the grace of God, there go I.” For nearly three days, I have stared at my computer screen. Lots to say with no real way to say it. The reality has set in that no matter how beautifully…

  7. New Orleans’ Not-Quite-Finest Help Themselves To A Little Bit Of Looted Property

    And Pundit Guy has the video of the looters/peace officers….

  8. I read all of the stories of the displaced people and wonder “what would I do in this situation?” Would I be an individual who is running into stores and taking things that do not belong to me and the answer is, if it ment feeding and clothing my kid’s ABSOLUTELY. I was on a website last night looking for a missing loved one and came across a comment posted that really upset me.
    On a website where people had posted comments desperately looking for loved ones there was a posting from a woman who questioned the motives of individuals who stayed in the area not taking in consideration that some may have stayed because of illness,lack of funds, or whatever reason they may have had. Whatever the decision it was theirs to make.She proceeded to make racist comments that were just not appropriate. I am a white woman who grew up in a place were I saw enough racism for a lifetime, and I was deeply offended and hurt that in this day and age during such a disaster as this,RACISM is still present in our life. The website was nola.com and the woman who was so opinionated is nowhere near the devastation. It’s just sad. God bless everyone there. Be safe and respectful and just know that people do want to help and support those who need it.

  9. I was just thinking to myself about Bush being a “man of God”, is he thinking that Katrina is payback from God for “shock and awe”-ing Baghdad? Just think, Iraq was probably the same as New Orleans when we bombed it right?

  10. Media Lies says:

    Of all the elements of the Katrina story….

    ….one of the most disgusting is the race baiting being promulgated by some of our politicians.

    Images from the stricken city of New Orleans show that many of tho…

  11. Robert Mc Kinley says:

    When the police chief gave the orders to search everybody’s homes to Confiscate their guns(steal them); all the officers who participated in this were just as bad as the “looters” themselves. Just remember the Nuremberg Nazi Trials. Those men on trial used the excuse; “we were just following orders” and were found guilty ! Thef is theft no matter what the item is and/or who does it……including the State!

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