Pitch Your Tents (VIDEO)

Every pastor’s worst nightmare – a Freudian Slip during an important point in a sermon.

Alternate video link – wait a moment for it to load

So, what does Blake think about the publication of his video slip?


  1. It’s nice to know that pastors put their britches on, one leg at at time, just like the rest of us. God has a since of humor! Any Christian prude who can’t laugh with others and over look a fault, or a goof, would surely bring gloom and doom to heaven. Jesus busted up every funeral He attended!

  2. JunkYardBlog says:


    This pastor is thinking, “I really wish that lady in the front row hadn’t worn THAT dress…” PSSST. Are you a blogger? Wanna see a free movie? Go here then. Disabled Able Danger hearings smell like a cover-up to the…

  3. A Pastor’s Slip


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