Piling On

Now that a number of Republicans and a few Conservatives in the media have publicly called for Rumsfeld to step down, the Democrats apparently feel it is safe to jump on the dog pile.

Democrats on Saturday said U.S. soldiers in Iraq lacked adequate body armor and plated vehicles because of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s flawed leadership.

Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, in the Democrats’ weekly radio address, blasted the Pentagon under Rumsfeld for "a litany of serious miscalculations" including underestimating the Iraqis resistance and failing to give troops enough protective equipment even though Congress gave it all the money it requested.

"The Pentagon says the lack of protective equipment is a matter of ‘logistics.’ No it’s not. It’s a matter of leadership," Durbin said.

"Those responsible for planning this war were not prepared for the reality on the ground, and many of our soldiers have paid the price," he said, citing nearly 1,300 U.S. service members who have died in Iraq and more than 10,000 injured.

This is complaining we’ve heard from the Liberals before, but, it’s beginning to gain traction.

Bush has given Rumsfeld his confidence. With the Iraqi election coming up on January 30, why in the world would he ask for Rumsfelds resignation now? The more likely scenario will be for Bush to keep things in place until after the election. Then, I believe he’ll find an opportunity to ask Rumsfeld to leave.

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