Pictures of Tsunami Damage

BREAKING: March 28, 2005 – New Southeast Asia Quake, 8.2 Mag. Tsunami Threat, Evacuations.

"My Christmas Vacation – Pong, his friend Joy and I went to Phuket for Christmas. The Tidal wave hit on our third day there."

This from a guy in Phuket who witnessed the tsunami hit. His pictures are posted here (if you are prompted for a password, it is – abc123). His weblog is here.

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  1. asphalt_guy says:

    I flipped through the pictures with awe at the power of the sea, but was ultimately disgusted to find out that the creator of the site is presenting his young gay Thai boy-lover…

    [wonders]How much of this crap goes on over there?[/wonders]

    Grossed out in Canada

  2. MinnObserver says:

    These people have just survived the worst natural disaster of our lifetimes and you’re all wigged out because he loves people who don’t look like the people you love? And because his love is Asian, he’s automatically a “boy”?

    Heartless in Canada, that’s what you are.

  3. People, when are you going to wake up! God is writing a story here and your not listening. No animals found dead,amazing uh or you think it was conidence. There is more to come, world wide and in various places. It will be staggering and yet you will not believe, sure believe in the so called experts that we came from monkeys or from 100 billion yaears of evolution. There is so much more to come, watch the stars there will be signs in the heavens. Weather? this was wrote about a long long time ago, or do you equate to a normal cycle? Watch for a leader who emerges who has all the answers, do not trust him, he will perform miracles, DO NOT TRUST HIM! The end is very near, we all have our beliefs but there is only one God that we can trust, who will you trust? Keep my words close to you and watch and when its fullfilled then you might listen to what I have to say.

  4. AMEN BROTHER!!!! The King is on the throne and in control of all. He is worthy of all our praise and glory, and without HIM we are nothing.

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