Perhaps it was Joseph Smith?

Here’s what makes the news on a Friday afternoon.

MSNBC blames Romney whisper on microphone malfunction

The whisper that could be heard just before an answer from Mitt Romney at Thursday’s Republican debate was the result of a microphone malfunction, an MSNBC spokesman tells RAW STORY, but its source remains a mystery.

Just before Romney answered a question about Ronald Reagan’s 1983 Social Security overhaul, a voice can be heard whispering, either “He raised taxes” or “not raise taxes.” The overheard musing was the result of an open microphone somewhere, but a spokesman said the whisperer has not been identified.

“We heard the same thing you heard,” MSNBC VP for Communications Jeremy Gaines told RAW STORY via e-mail Friday afternoon. “There was obviously an open mike which picked up the whisper, but we have no way of knowing who did the whispering.”

Of course, the implication is that Romney, allegedly wearing an earpiece, was being coached by a staffer speaking into a wireless microphone somewhere in the building.


Judge for yourself.

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