Penn Steps Down

Clinton chief strategist Mark Penn is quitting the campaign. His departure is controversial to say the least.

After it was discovered that Penn had been hired by the Colombian government to help secure a trade deal, one that Sen. Clinton has said she opposes, he realized he needed to step down, sources told ABC News.

Penn’s resignation came under pressure from an angry Sen. Clinton, who believed that Penn had recused himself from any clients who might pose a conflict for her campaign.

This is key. Hillary Clinton isn’t in control of her campaign, or the people who run it.

Clinton spoke about her opposition to the Colombia trade deal last week in her speech to the AFL-CIO in Philadelphia, and on Saturday seven labor unions that are part of the “Change to Win” coalition called for Clinton to fire Penn.

“The Penn situation — and the lack of action by you — raises serious questions about the veracity of your claims of what you would do should you become President,” the unions said in a statement released Saturday.

Again, that’s key. Did Hillary know about Penn’s conflict of interest and if so, how long has she known? If he wasn’t ‘found out’, would Penn still be in charge?

Hillary already has a credibility problem, and this mess only adds fuel to the fire. She can’t be trusted. Watch for this to be THE major issue for the Obama campaign this week.

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