Pelosi on Receiving End of CBC Stick

Republicans have often been a favorite target of the Congressional Black Caucus, but rarely has a Democrat been caught in their sights. Last evening, the CBC cornered House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and pulled out their can of whupass.

Furious black lawmakers, rallying behind Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.), were pulled back from the brink of open revolt against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in an emergency meeting with her Wednesday evening.

The meeting with a handful of CBC members was called after Pelosi wrote the embattled lawmaker, who is at the center of a massive bribery scandal, a curt note requesting his immediate resignation from the powerful Ways and Means Committee.

Outraged that one of its members was being picked on even though he has not been charged with a crime, the Congressional Black Caucus had intended to issue a defiant statement against their leader but agreed after the meeting to pause, at least briefly, for reflection.

But that reflection seems short lived.

Members of the CBC are expected to confront Pelosi today in a meeting that was previously scheduled to address separate concerns about Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.). That meeting is now likely to focus more on Jefferson, a Democratic aide said.

With 43 members, the CBC is a formidable force in the 202-member Democratic caucus and one Pelosi is unusually reluctant to antagonize. Should Democrats take the House, the CBC would control four, and possibly five, committee chairmanships.

Democrats are a fracticious group. How can they expect to lead and do the right things for America if they can’t even get along with one another? Pelosi was right to confront Jefferson, and she should keep the pressure on. If she wilts whenever a member of the CBC glances her way, that’s a pretty good indicator of the type of House Speaker she’ll be.

But we won’t have to worry about that, right?


  1. Steve Oettinger says:

    I just read about the ‘New Direction’ Nancy Pelos would want to take our nation. I don’t like the idea she has about increasing minimum wage, as EVERY time this has happened in my life it means the cost of EVERYTHING else goes up!She want to move it from $5.15 to $7.25 over two years this means it’ll cost $1.75 for a can of soda! So my raise in pay will mean what? NOTHING! How do I get in touch with her to explain that this is the wrong direction? Thank you, Steve

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