Pay No Attention To Today's Rhetoric

The Clinton campaign is in full PR mode today. Lot’s of messages being sent. She’s fighting to win Texas and Ohio tomorrow. She’s got the momentum. She’s looking forward to Pennsylvania. “I’m just getting warmed up.”

What do you think she’d say a day before her D-Day?

I suspect there will be hundreds of emails sent to blackberry’s today emphasizing her chances of winning, her ability to hold off a decisive win by Obama, etc. Don’t believe any of it. Hillary must win and win big tomorrow, both in Texas and Ohio. If she doesn’t, she’ll be on the receiving end of private (and some public) calls for her to end the campaign for the good of the Democratic party. There will be plenty of pressure coming from Hillary’s colleagues in the Congress who’ve become increasingly wary of the effects of her fight with Obama. She’ll get a message calling for unity. She’ll hear how super delegates are standing behind Obama. His path will become clear.

The question is – will Hillary listen?

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