Passing The Smell Test

I don’t believe this for one second.

Drudge has the story.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton turned furious and considered legal action after learning bestselling author Ed Klein would allege in a new book: Bill Clinton raped her — resulting in the conception of daughter Chelsea Clinton!

“[Author] Klein is going to rot in hell for this,” a well-placed source close to Hillary said over the weekend.

The explosive charge comes in THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY: WHAT SHE KNEW, WHEN SHE KNEW IT, AND HOW FAR SHE’LL GO TO BECOME PRESIDENT — set for release next week.

“I’m going back to my cottage to rape my wife,” Klein quotes Bill Clinton as saying during a Bermuda getaway in 1979.

Now, I’m not one to stand up for Bubba, but really, was Bill Clinton being serious here or was he just talking like frat boy?

In the morning, the Clintons’ room “looked like World War III. There are pillows and busted-up furniture all over the place,” an unnamed source tells Klein.

Based on all the stories I’ve read in the past about the brawls Bill and Hillary have had (the vase and plate throwing type), I wouldn’t be surprised to know that this was simply just another one of those ‘lovers spats’. But rape? I really doubt it.

Klein source claims Bill later learned Hillary was pregnant reading about it in the ARKANSAS GAZETTE.

Oooh, oooh…that seals it for me. The rape had to happen just like Klein says!


“The fact that his wife didn’t tell him that she was pregnant before she told a reporter doesn’t seem to phase him one bit, because he says, ‘Do you know what night that happened?”

“‘No,’ I say. ‘When?”

“‘It was Bermuda,’ he says, ‘And you were there!'”

Again, the Clintons don’t appear to be the closest married couple on the block, so the fact that they don’t communicate very well doesn’t phase me a bit.

The rape claim is just the beginning of Klein’s alleged revelations, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.

TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY marks the most aggressive attempt yet to investigate Hillary.

The former first lady turned senator fumed as a close aide offered details of the book, an insider explains.

“Mrs. Clinton told me she would considering suing him for outright libel,” the top Hillary source explains. “This is the right wing attack machine on crack!”

Note to Hillary – please don’t start this up again. Be calm and just tell people that the story is ridiculous. Don’t go off all nutso like and start the whole conspiracy thing again. It didn’t play out well before and it won’t work this time.

But Hillary and her camp may have a hard time typecasting Ed Klein as a Clinton-crazed right-winger. Klein is the former foreign editor of NEWSWEEK and former editor in chief of the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE. He is a frequent contributor to VANITY FAIR and PARADE. He is also the author of THE KENNEDY CURSE; FAREWELL, JACKIE; and several other NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers.

So what? The guy likes to write tell-all books, the kind that outsell all others and make lots o’ money. Sounds like freedom to me.

I don’t know why this book is coming out now. It’s too early to derail a White House campaign, and no one outside New York cares about Hillary in 2006. I can’t see the logic in going ballistic over this latest revelation.

Well see what it brings, but I’m not getting excited.

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  1. He’s talking like a frat boy and the both of them like having crazy times AS A MARRIED COUPLE ON VACATION.

    And that’s ALL it could be even if EVERY WORD IS TRUE.

  2. i think the right is seeing what it can get away with well in advance. they tried slamming her campaign finance guy, who was acquitted. they tried stop her now, which just made people want to defend her against the slimeballs. klein’s book is going to make that even worse. the right’s smart to test this shite out early, ’cause it’s backfiring bigtime.

  3. I am not sure why anyone should chill out. I am totally against the Clinton’s politically, but this allegation is shakey and useless. And if we let it go, it will happen again, to someone else. Maybe someone we know. Maybe us. When this kind of stuff is unchallenged, who knows how mainstream it willbecome?

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