Mainstream Media to Obama: We Don't Like What We See

There seem to be two primary focuses on an individual that becomes President of the United States. One begins in the campaign, and that focus largely involves the historical decisions the candidate had made. Aside from the warm fuzzy peek into their family life, and the personal character endorsements from friends that have known the candidate for a lengthy period of time, most of the media, and then the voters, want to know what the candidate believes. These beliefs are evident in their voting record, examples of leadership, accomplishments, and more. If the candidate is fortunate enough to be elected to the highest office in the land, the focus shifts from the individuals history to “understanding” the reactions and decisions that individual makes in the present tense.

Think about what got Barrack Obama elected. Rhetorical flourish. Hope and Change. Lofty speeches that sounded so different from the 8 years of George W. Bush that they caught the low-information voter by surprise. People who didn’t care about politics, and were disillusioned by the Bush years, suddenly created a messianic caricature in Obama. To be sure, the media helped push this narrative. They pushed it so hard that the typical vetting process that occurs with most presidential candidates didn’t happen with Obama. The usual “turning over of rocks” to find the ugly in the candidate didn’t apply to him. As a result, the public didn’t really get to know the guy at the podium.

Fast forward to today. The public doesn’t see Obama as they did the candidate in 2008. Hope and Change is over. Obama disappoints his constituent again and again. And as hard as the media tries to keep positive stories in the press about the Obama administration, the man continues to flummox.

Rick Ungar of Forbes is the latest member of the mainstream media to be left puzzled by the actions of Barrack Obama.

As readers of this column know, I tend to favor the political and policy positions put forth by President Barack Obama and his administration.

That is not to say that, in the effort to provide an honest accounting of my opinions on the issues of the day, there have not been moments where I have found it necessary to criticize the White House when I disagree with their policies and strategies.

But that’s my job and I try to do the very best I can in doing that job.

However, never before have I felt the need to criticize our President for something that goes well beyond politics and policy—until today.

What I should be discussing this day are the President’s comments delivered yesterday regarding the heinous execution of American photojournalist James Foley; comments I found to be completely appropriate in that they conveyed strength, intelligence and a hint that we may have only just begun to deal with the scourge that is ISIL.

What I should also be writing about this day is the remarkable strength and grace we witnessed while watching the parents of James Foley who were nothing short of stunning and inspirational in their televised conversation with the press.

Instead, I find myself compelled to write about the President’s decision to keep his scheduled golf date with a couple of friends immediately following his televised comments—a decision that revealed a complete lack of class on Mr. Obama’s part.

In the same way the public was sold a bill of goods on Obama, the media began to believe their own reporting on the guy. They believed he was different. They were so disgusted with Bush that the promises put forth by Obama seemed like the liberal nirvana had finally arrived. Then, the Hope and Change candidate faded into the cold individual we see governing today.

However, one would like to think that every president, when attempting to take some time away from what is likely one of the busiest and most pressure packed work schedules on the planet, would always ask himself whether playing a round of golf is the best possible use of his time at the moment he prepares to tee off on the first hole.

Yesterday, playing golf was certainly not the best use of the President’s time.

I don’t say that because I believe that there was anything more to be accomplished at that moment by Mr. Obama removing himself to the situation room. I say that because, had it been me, I would have recognized that there was somewhere else I should be that would be a far better use of my time…at the side of Diane and John Foley, the parents of the tragically deceased James Foley.

When a reporter says “had it been me” in a paragraph in which he is contrasting his own character against the character of the guy he voted for, the guy he loves and wants to support, you know we’ve turned a corner. More and more, the mainstream media is sending a message to the Obama administration. They don’t like what they see, and they are having a hard time defending him.

I’m sorry, Mr. President, but your behavior yesterday was not about thumbing your nose at or simply ignoring those who refuse to acknowledge that you have a right to a vacation and to some time playing a game that relaxes you. It was also not about those who refuse to appreciate that you can do your job anywhere on the planet with the same effectiveness as sitting behind your desk at the White House.

It was, instead, about revealing a side of yourself that Americans, of all political stripes, cannot help but be troubled by—a coldness that revealed a complete lack of understanding of the classy thing to do at a difficult moment.

And there it is. I think Ungar is expressing an opinion shared by an increasing number of reporters, not just outside the beltway, but within. Obama is in the middle of creating a legacy where he’ll be known to future Americans as a cold, thoughtless individual with a complete lack of understanding of what it means to have any semblance of class. The history books will reflect this about the man. 

What frustrates his supporters most is there is little precious time to turn things around. With each week comes another example of the how different the real President Obama is from the Hope and Change candidate sold to the public. 

Flight MH370; Intentionally Ditched Into Sea?

Months after the unsolved crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, speculation as to the cause of the disaster continues. The latest comes from a a veteran air accident investigator who suggests all 239 people were deprived of oxygen and lost consciousness up to four hours before the plane plunged into the sea.

The most likely scenario is that pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah deliberately depressurised the cabin, thereby depriving those on board of air, the research concludes.

Although oxygen masks would have dropped down automatically from above the seats, their supply was limited to just 20 minutes.

Those unable to grab a mask, including sleeping passengers, would have passed out within the space of a few minutes.

The theory is the result of the first independent study into March’s disaster by the New Zealand-based air accident investigator, Ewan Wilson.

Wilson, the founder of Kiwi Airlines and a commercial pilot himself, has proposed the theory conclusion to investigators after considering “every conceivable alternative scenario”.

It should be noted that Wilson is attempting to sell a book. The propagation of this theory is obviously timed to sell as many copies as possible. There’s something unseemly about that.

We will probably never know the exact cause of the crash.

ISIS Video / Cameron: Vacation Over; Obama: Let's Party

In light of the terrifying video released by the Islamic State of Iraq showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley, UK Prime Minister David Cameron left his vacation and returned to London to attend important meetings to discuss the situation. Cameron called the video, “shocking and depraved.”

So, you’d expect the US President to do the same and immediately cut short his vacation, right? After all, a security threat to an ally as strong as the UK, must surely be an equal threat to the United States.


President Obama went back to his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard Tuesday evening following less than 48 hours in Washington, leaving people puzzled over why he came back in the first place.

Obama’s two days in Washington were mostly quiet, and concluded with the president receiving his daily national security briefing in the morning, and joining Vice President Biden to huddle with members of his economic team in the afternoon.

Administration officials have insisted for weeks that the president just wanted to return to the White House for a series of meetings, but the explanation was met with a healthy dose of skepticism, since Obama rarely interrupts his vacations.

As of right now, there’s been no statement from Obama on the cold blooded murder of James Foley. Not a peep.

MORE: Obama did come back to Washington DC for a couple of days. Could this be the reason?

STILL MORE: He finally says something

GOLFINGObama spoke from his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and played golf immediately after delivering his remarks.

Student Suspended After Saying "Bless You"

How many times have you said “Bless You” after hearing someone sneeze? Hundreds of times? People have been saying this for thousands of years. It’s an excepted practice in society. Not so in Dyer County, Tennessee.

When High School senior Kendra Turner uttered the phrase after a classmate sneezed, her teacher said, “we’re not going to have godly speaking in class”. She said that talk was for church.

Turner was sent to see a school administrator and was promptly placed in in-school suspension.

The teacher had a white board posted in the classroom with expressions that are “banned as a part of class rules”. As you can see, the phrase “Bless You” is one of the forbidden sayings.


Turner says she’ll continue to stand up for her faith and her constitutional rights. Turner’s parents say the school leaders claim the outburst was a classroom distraction and that she shouted “bless you” across the room. The Dyer County Schools superintendent has not responded to requests for comment.

Rumor: Officer Darren Wilson Will Be Cleared of All Charges

Wilson  Brown 

There’s a rumor out there tonight that Ferguson, MO officer Darren Wilson will be cleared in the shooting of Michael Brown. Wilson, the policeman thrust into the public eye after a confrontation with Ferguson resident Michael Brown which resulted in the death of the 18 year-old, will not face charges after it will be determined that Brown attacked Wilson and attempted to take his gun. 

The rumor was put out there by radio station 100.7 The Viper, after a post appeared on its Facebook page. Additional reports have indicated that Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket” sometime during his face-off with Brown.

If this rumor becomes fact, I can only imagine what will happen in Ferguson.

Sgt. Kevin Ahlbrand of the St Louis Metropolitan Police believes there will not be an indictment.


STILL MORE: Darren Wilson suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun.

Have You Dropped Your iPhone in Water?

Although I’ve never had the misfortune of accidentally getting any of my iPhones wet, I’ve dropped a few. Lucky for me I have always had a good sturdy case to cushion the device from damage. I’ve heard plenty of stories of accidents where iPhones took a dip in the drink. Most of them ended badly. This story, though, ended differently.

Rob Griffiths was on vacation with his family, and as he was sitting alone in a boat on a lake he decided the scenery needed to be captured in a panoramic photo from his iPhone 5. He held the phone vertically, framing the shot, and then the…the horror.

I watched my iPhone fall, land on the back of the boat, then sickeningly slide off the boat and splash into the water. As it tumbled down through the clear water, the iPhone seemed to mock me: “Oh yea, you think you’re going to replace me!? Try living without a phone for a month, buddy!” Then, with a poof of mud, it came to rest on the bottom, at a depth of about 10 feet. The water was nice and clear, giving me a great view of the phone.

Resuscitatedrownediphone primary 100372876 large

Rob figured the phone was instantly killed after it spent 5 minutes submerged in the clear lake water. Once retrieved, his suspicion was validated. The phone would not power on. Although he was upset at what happened, he tossed the wet iPhone aside knowing he had an old back up iPhone 3G.

Long story short — Rice and compressed air brought the previously dead iPhone to life. In fact, it’s so alive that it works as good as it did before it took the plunge. Rob’s fix isn’t for wimps. It took a lot of work, risky work, but he was successful. All the details can be found here.

If your iPhone gets wet, really wet, don’t automatically assume it’s permanently dead. With effort, it can come back to life and work as good as the day you bought it.

In Alabama, They Catch Gators…BIG Gators

The state of Alabama sanctions Alligator hunting in the summertime for only a few days. Competition for licenses is tough. Applications are submitted, then licensees are chosen by drawing. This season runs from August 8th thru the 24th in various counties in the state. Hunting hours are for night owls. Hunters are only allowed to hunt between the hours of 8 PM and 6 AM.

So far, the hunt has been successful.

Mega gator

This little guy weighs in at 1,000 pounds, and is a smiggin over 15 feet long. That’s a lot of luggage right there.

And if you’re curious, there is a bag limit:

Each person receiving an Alligator Possession Tag will be allowed to harvest one (1) alligator. Alligators harvested in the Southeast Alabama zone must be a minimum of eight (8) feet in length.

This is serious business. Well, maybe not completely serious.

Keith fancher alligatorjpg a1e560280155c68b

There Are Good People in Ferguson, MO

Contrary to the nightly news, or any one of the cable networks, there are good things happening in Ferguson, MO right now.


That’s human nature. Some wake up ready to burn the community down again tonight, others wake up to clean up. It’s their neighborhood too. Still, there is plenty of anger.


Gov. Nixon has called in the National Guard.

“Given these deliberate, coordinated and intensifying violent attacks on lives and property in Ferguson, I am directing the highly capable men and women of the Missouri National Guard … in restoring peace and order to this community,” he said in a statement.

It’s not over yet.

h/t Ryan J. Reilly

Don't Shoot in Ferguson, MO


In Ferguson, MO This is How They Remember Michael Brown

A shrine, made to honor the memory of Michael Brown, the 18 year-old Ferguson, MO resident who was shot by police after a confrontation in front of a convenience store. Mad Dog 20/20. Cough syrup. Various liquor bottles.

This is what is important to Michael’s friends. What a great way to be remembered.