Allies Part Deux

Ho Chi Chirac is an idiot.

Leads in Newspapers Too

Kerry leads in newspaper endorsements around the country – but who reads these anymore? A rather outdated tradition if you ask me. In fact, how many people actually wait to make up their mind on how they’re going to vote until they see who their local paper endorses? Perhaps it’s an insecurity thing? I can hear them now. “Oh, I’m just not sure who I’m going to vote for…now if I could just read that my local newspaper wants Kerry to win, well then, that would really make me feel so much better.” Is that really how it goes? I’d love to talk to someone who depends on these in order to make up their mind. No endorsement has ever swayed my vote.

Another Poll, Another Day

A new AP-Ipsos Public Affairs poll shows that the Kerry/Edwards team now has a lead in the presidential race. I think this one could be fairly accurate now that the results of the first Bush/Kerry debate have clearly sunk into the electorate. Most voters who watched the debate concur that Kerry won on style, while Bush won on substance. RealClear Politics still shows a Bush lead in a national average of all polls – 48 to 46 percent.  

And We Mustn't Forget

…our dear friend Tony.

Friends Down Unda

I really wish Bush or Cheney would talk more about our Australian allies. These guys have really towed the line for America…in so many ways. Now, John Howard is fighting for his political life. He could have caved, but he hasn’t, even amongst increasing public outcry over the war in Iraq. Howard is a true friend of America.

Tax Loopholes

Here’s a great article on the Kerry/Edwards attitude regarding taxes.

More Reading

Quick – read this one too.

Required Reading

…from Ralph Peters, here.

Now They're Concerned?

CBS says the results of their internal probe relating to the document flap won’t come til after the November election. They don’t want to “interfere” with the presidential race. Huh? Were they worried about interfering a few weeks ago? I believe they had every intention of interfering with the election when Dan Blather brought that bogus story to primetime. Who are they kidding?

Dangerfield, dead.

Goodbye Rodney…perhaps you’ll finally get some respect now.