Which Poll to Believe?

Reuters/Zogby has Kerry leading Bush, 47-44. 

As of Tonight

Courtesy of the Washington Post:

Bush 51%
Kerry 46%

NYT Puts on the Tinfoil Hat

Joining the conspiracy crowd, the New York Times (registration req.) speculates on the “bulge” on Bush’s back visible during the first debate in Miami. What crap.

A Required Read

Captain’s got it right.

Cooked in OT

Our home team, the Seattle Seahawks, lost to St. Louis in overtime, 33-27.

The Flip Flop Gang

Taking a flip flop cue from Kerry, the mullah’s now welcome his proposal to bargain over Tehran’s nuclear program. Just last week, Iran mocked Kerry’s idea to deal on the Uranium issue.

Sheer Lunacy

I thought pen-gate was looney, but this is ludicrous.

A Rasmussen Milestone

Good news for Bush.

Ally Standing

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, John Howard won big in the election held today in Australia. A failure for the mujahedeen, and John Kerry too. 

Democracy in Action

They’re voting in Afghanistan.