Operation Chaos Thwarted in Kentucky

Democrats hate Rush Limbaugh, and they are going completely wacko over Operation Chaos. Apparently they’ve been successful with a counter strike in Kentucky.

Thousands of Kentuckians who have switched political affiliations over the past three months in hopes of voting in May’s Democratic presidential primary will instead be barred from casting ballots. Secretary of State Trey Grayson alerted Kentuckians on Wednesday to a little-known state law that forbids people who change their party registration after December 31 to vote in the May 20 primary.

Some 9,000 people have switched parties since Jan. 1. Grayson said voter registration drives by supporters of Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton could inadvertently cause the number of ineligible voters to grow.

9,000? Not bad.

That’s funny — the campaigns are getting in the game trying to recruit more voters by getting people to switch parties. If they find a way to arrest Rush and put him in jail for inspiring voter fraud (so far they’ve been unsuccessful), will Obama and Hillary be put in jail too?

Don’t bet on it.

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  1. Kate Alva says:

    Eh. Kind of a mixed reaction on this one. The (R)s wouldn’t have been voting in the GOP primary anyway, at least for any meaningful vote. So big deal that 9000 switch hitters can’t vote. The big question is, will they have time enough to switch BACK their affiliation to vote in November? They better get that figured out ASAP.

  2. Allen Marshall says:

    I am KY resident. This is very awkward. This rule has been around for decades. It sucks that our great Secretary of State (a Republican, I might add) is getting caught up in this stuff. It sounds as if he was just trying to warn folks, not stop Operation Chaos. It is getting spun against him though.

    You see, for years, Kentucky has been a dominant democratic state. So, the dems put in a rule long ago to prevent party raiders by requiring party switches to occur well in advance of the primary so that Republicans would not alter their races. Pathetic. Unfortuantely, the Secretary has to enforce those rules (this is nothing new either … it has been enforced for years).

    Kate, people will still be able to vote in November regardless of their party affiliation. No worries there. In fact, the party-switchers can still vote in in non-partisan primaries.

    UUGGHHH!!! Kentucky needs to change their law. Period.

  3. If true, this is pretty sad. To tell citizens they can’t switch political parties whenever they desire and vote for whom they wish is pretty darn Stalinist. It’s not up to elected officials to dictate why people switch. If I want to switch in order to try and screw things up for the other team, there’s nothing illegal about that and should be permitted. That it’s even something that is being discussed just goes to show how far off track liberals have taken this country.

  4. Funny you should mention Stalin and the Dems in the same e mail. I was just thinking the difference between the dems and Che is that Che is dead.

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