One Arm and One Leg

That’s what it cost me to fill up my Toyota Pickup this morning. It used to be that I could barely fit $13 worth of gas in the tank. Not anymore. Today? $32. Ouch.

So, I get to looking at what this guy is doing and I’m ready to buy a car with his engine NOW.


Yep, it’s what you’re thinking. Vegetable oil. The car runs on VEGETABLE OIL! He’s got a freakin bottle of Wesson and he’s filling his tank up. Cool!

Oh, wait a minute, that’s not Wesson…the kind you need costs $3.50 per gallon.

What kind of stupid idiot is this guy? What a dumb idea! I get to fill my tank up with vegetable oil so the interior of my car smells like the theatre lobby at the cinemaplex AND I get to pay more per gallon than I do at my local Shell station?

Nevermind. Go back to your lives, citizens.

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