On The Road Again

I’ll be out on business travel for the next couple of days. So, this means today I’m either in a car, in an airplane, or waiting in an airport terminal. As such, blogging will be light.

UPDATE: OK, so I’m in the Eastern Standard Time Zone now. I hate the ‘process’ of travel. Driving to the airport. Getting through the airport, security, waiting. Then, getting on an airplane that is over-booked. That means it’s PACKED tight. No room to exhale, for 3+ hours. Oh, throw a delay in there which makes for a tight connection and you’ve got a run through the Minneapolis/ST. Paul airport. Have you ever done that before? Yep – sweat, and gasping for air as you frantically look for your gate. U-G-L-Y. And then you finally get to your destination, and it’s 11 PM at night.

Did I say I hate the ‘process’ of travel?

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