On Harriet Miers

Is it over yet?

As I said yesterday, I wasn’t all that excited about the next round buzz, debate, trash talk, and confirmation grilling that is now underway with today’s pick. I’m still not. The first I heard of Harriet Miers was when I read this article from Ann Althouse. Today she’s a household name, and the blogosphere is afire.

Hugh Hewitt says Miers is a solid B+ pick, while Patterico claims he’s applying lipstick on a pig. Meanwhile, The Anchoress is some kind of clairvoyant, since she picked Ms. Harriet over a week ago. She just knew Bush would pick her. Professor Bainbridge goes the flip-side of Hugh and gives the pick a D-, claiming that the Supreme Court is no place for B pluses since decisions are made which affect millions of lives.

MSM’er Bill Kristol is in need of an anti-depressant prescription, and quick. Bush’s pick has made him Disappointed, Depressed and Demoralized. Marvin Olasky over at WorldViews says, “I never heard her (Miers) take a position on anything”. Anne Gearan from the AP writes that Harriet Miers led an unsuccessful bid to revisit the decision on abortion.

And Michelle Malkin has reaction from EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD…well, practically everyone.

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