Olympic Fail — Right Hand Still Hasn't Met Left Hand

U.S. viewers are forced to wait until 8 PM to view Olympic games that ended 9 hours earlier. Meanwhile, the web knows no time delay, and results are available instantly. NBC television is stuck in the 1980’s, as if no one gets any current information but from them. People are getting kicked off of Twitter for criticizing the network. And now…

parents can’t even watch their athlete sons and daughters at the venue.

London had years to prepare for this. Why have they fumbled?

NBC Television must have plenty of twenty and thirty something’s employed by the company. Didn’t anyone ask them about the wisdom of sequestering live game action? Sure, NBC has an iPad app for folks who want to watch in real time, but have you seen the app ratings? It barely garners one star in the app store. Users hate it. Not because you have to have a cable subscription to MSNBC or CNBC through your local provider. They hate it because it just plain sucks.

Oh well. Maybe Brazil will get it right.

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