OK, THIS is Cool

It’s the PodShave.


PodGear™ PodShave
A crisp white shaving clip on for iPod™ 3rd & 4th Generation, iPod mini™ (PodShaveLady) and iPod™ Photo.

No battery required – simply plug and shave!

The launch of the PodShave enables iPod users to free their stubble whilst listening to their favourite music, not only this but as the shaving device runs directly from the iPod battery, hairy friends are able to shave almost anywhere – be it in the high street, on the Tube or just relaxing at home. PodShave’s superb design simply clips on to the top of the iPod and gives instant shaving delight, not only this but it collects all loose hair via its vacuum like stubble collector!

Also available: PodShaveLady ­ exact specifications as above, but for iPod mini™.

Those Apple guys are soooo cool.

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