Ocean's 13 + 2

Bill and Hillary Clinton might be wondering, where’s Danny Ocean, Rusty Ryan and the rest of their crew when you need ’em?

A federal judge on Thursday allowed Nevada Democrats to hold presidential voting in casino hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, potentially helping Sen. Barack Obama in the next round of the campaign on Saturday.

For the first time, Nevada Democrats planned to set up nine locations for Saturday’s vote so casino shift workers, who are largely represented by a union that endorsed Obama, could attend caucuses and vote for a presidential candidate.

If you didn’t catch the latest Bill Clinton tirade, it was all about tactics to shut down any attempt to allow the casino vote to go forward. Today’s decision by the judge just popped a 3rd vein in Bubba’s forehead.

The question now is, just how much will this decision benefit Barack Obama? Polls show him behind Hillary in Nevada.

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