Obsessive Bush Hatred

That’s what plagues MoveOn.org, so much in fact, that they are gladly making all the political hay they can muster out of the tragedy caused by Hurricane Katrina. Now that Cindy Sheehan is no longer their flavor of the month, the wacko P.A.C. have served up the Kool-Aid to a dozen or so refugees, put them on a plane to Washington D.C., and positioned them outside the White House to protest against Bush.

The sad fact is that MoveOn.org sees no shame in manipulating vulnerable hurricane survivors, already at the lowest point in their lives, and further victimizing these people by parading them in front of the world.

Selfish. Petty. Mean.


More at Michelle Malkin.


  1. Truly a disgusting display. I hope someone on the left puts a stop to their incessant attacks on our nation. The left is doing a better job of breeding anti-americanism than all of the terrorist organizations combined.

    Members of the Democratic party should be ashamed at what’s being done on their side. And every decent american should be raising hell over what the left is doing. Demanding a stop to their anti-american sentiment and if they refuse they should be simply thrown out.

    I know that’s just a pipe dream, but it would make me so very happy.

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