Obsessed With Book Smell?

Think the eBook discussion focuses too heavily on the tactile differences with print? Over at Booksquare, it’s OK to let digital books be different from paper books. I agree.

Now…about that bacon smell, you just might have something there, Kassia.


  1. Brad Brickley says:

    I’ve had my Kindle 2 since it came out in Feb. 2009, and I really like it. It’s great for the books that I mainly read which are History, Biography and assorted novels.
    As for feel, I like it. It’s light, and great for reading in bed and for travel. It has a great cover and night light that I bought along with it. I can bring many books with me when I head off to work or travel.
    It’s not great for books that have a lot of graphics. I also wouldn’t want to use them for researching, i.e. if you are flipping back and forth a lot looking for something.
    The down loading of books is very easy and the prices are pretty good. I buy a lot of books from Costco at about $15-$25 range, I figure I’ll save some money buy the digital copies in the $10 range it. There is a lot of free content out there for public domain books also.
    Over all pretty good product.

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