Obama Wins Mississippi (Yawn)

No surprises here.

Barack Obama coasted to victory in Mississippi’s Democratic primary Tuesday, latest in a string of racially polarized presidential contests across the Deep South and a final tune-up before next month’s high-stakes race with Hillary Rodham Clinton in Pennsylvania.

The cable tv news coverage tonight is almost comic. The same talking heads are debating the same topics they debated last weekend, and the week before. Obama is the front runner. Clinton has almost no chance of taking him in the delegate count. She won’t quit. There’s six long weeks until Pennsylvania…


The real story is how the Democratic party is tearing itself apart. History will judge this election cycle as the cannibalization moment. Future pundits will talk of how the Democrats ate their own and didn’t even realize it until it was too late.

The convention in Denver will make Chicago in ’68 look like a tupperware party.

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