Obama Will Lose PA Big

He had a shot, but he blew it, big time. A poll was taken in Pennsylvania over the weekend and Barack Obama’s “bitter” rant has left him 20 points behind Hillary.

Hillary will bang this drum all week. Obama’s stumble has been a gift. It’s reinvigorated her fight. She’s further away from getting out of this race than ever.

More: The poll, explained.

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  1. Hillary becomes more popular because she can toss down a shot followed by a beer? Haven’t we been pounding on George Bush for years for doing the same thing years ago?

  2. RM, Obama did a lot of drinking too. Clinton will win the nomination NOW! Why? Obama has made so many mistakes! He will lose PA, WV, IN, and KY. He will win OR, MT, and SD, but also lose PR.

  3. You should check the latest polls…ARG is not highly accurate. 3 other polls show him the same as before bittergate, and Gallup actually shows him at an all-time high against Clinton as of today. People are angry/bitter/frustrated and responding to a politician actually saying so, not “elitist” pundits telling them they can’t handle the truth.

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