Now, Bush is Insensitive

No respect.

First, complaints from the U.N. that the US was being stingy in its relief aid contribution. So, we add an additional $20 million to the already $15 million pledged. (Fine, the more the better) But, that’s not enough apparently. Now, Bush is being called insensitive for not leaving Crawford and rushing to the White House. The WaPo points to Bill Clinton as the "good guy" (look Bill, there’s a camera!) and even gives Gerhard Schroeder a rose for cutting his Christmas vacation short and heading back to Berlin. Am I surprised by the Posts position? I am surprised that in this time of tragedy, two reporters decide to take advantage of the occasion and rip Bush. No.

So typical.


  1. concerned global citizen says:

    Well, given that the United States’ entire aid contribution for the Tsunami disaster relief effort is how much the US spends in Iraq in one hour (or the cost of a single F-16 Fighter), I don’t think they’re being unreasonable. Roughly 1700 people died in 9/11 and they raised several billion dollars in relief funds. Around 80,000 people have already died in this disaster, and the American contribution to this effort amounts to roughly 83$ US per victim. If the US is so keen to be seen as the world leader in everything, why is it always nowhere to be found when we really need its leadership on things like this? The West in general is being incredibly stingy in helping the region on this matter. How far does the body count have to go before they take it seriously? 100,000? 200,000? All the champions of globalisation now have to realise that globalisation also means sharing in the costs of tragedies of the world, not just sharing in the spoils of economic development.

  2. Jack Linkon says:

    “Concerned Global Citizen” doesn’t seem to understand that pledging 35 million dollars just two days after the event has nothing to do with billions that were pledged/appropriated in the following 9/11. And even if Bush returned to DC, what could he have done while Congress is out of session and its members home for the holidays? Appropriate the money himself?? Inquiring minds want to know!!

    Of course, CGC ignores the dollar value of sending aircraft carriers and a hundred airplanes and helicopters to the afflicted areas, in order to provide search-and-rescue, medical care, desalinization, and food. That doesn’t count!!

    And let’s not forget that this “stingy” country spends more than any other on governmental foreign aid, and that doesn’t include the raised and spent by American NGO’s, organizations that have no real equals abroad. In just day, alone has raised $3.5 million for releif efforts.
    Some “stingy” country we live in!!

    Methinks the key to CGC’s thinking lies in his sniffing about the amount spent in Iraq: apparently he’s an anti-war type. So it’s no wonder that we’re stingy — we’re evil as well!!

    Finally, where is CGC’s complaints about Russia, China or the Arab world? How much are THEY ponying up???

  3. CGC is right on the money. I am in the US and I remember when about 3000 people died on 9/11, US made the whole world work with them on every aspect to resolve all issues. When 80,000 people died in just a day in Southeast Asia, UN has to literally beg for the help of the US. Imagine if US would have lost 80,000 people. The problem is, there is no oil or any form of benefit that the US can or will derive from the Southeast Asian countries.

  4. Jack Tanner says:

    The US shouldn’t give the UN a dime for disaster relief until Kofi Annan resigns and pleads guilty to criminal fraud and the UN ponies up $21B+interest from UNSCAM. Great thing about liberals they’re willing to give the shirt off someone elses back.

  5. 35million is better than nothing.

  6. Jack Tanner,

    If I understand your insentitive comment correctly, you are saying, US should not give aid to help 116,000 people who have died and possible another 100,000 will die in a week all because Kofi Annan is not resigning? Where are your senses? What does 200,000 plus people have to do with Kofi Annan? Your comment clearly shows how much you care about other people who are not of your country? Yet, US brags about how much they help others. I would say it is BS. You will only help if you are getting something in return. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  7. Jack Tanner says:

    If you could read what I wrote was

    The US shouldn’t give the UN a dime for disaster relief

    Do you see – UN –

    you illiterate fucking moron. Being called stingy by a corrupt kleptocracy run by a criminal is a little incongruous if you think about it. Keep your little moralistic judgements to yourself you fucking asshole.

  8. concerned global citizen says:

    Jack Tanner – I’m sorry I’m confused, when you say “a corrupt kleptocracy run by a criminal”, that’s a poor choice of words – are you referring to the UN, or to the United States? I’d like to point out the fact at this point by the way, that the comment made by a spokesperson of the UN was not in fact singling out the United States, it was speaking of the west in general, he was wondering out aloud why the rich and powerful nations were generally being so stingy when it comes to aid in a massive disaster like this. It was NOT (as has been mistakenly reported by numerous sources) an “Anti-American” statement, it was more an (IMHO) honest assesment of the aid situation at that point. But the point is now moot, as most of the major western nations have upped their contributions (not just financially) and it seems finally the US is waking up to the situation, there are boots on the ground and their aid contribution has just risen to 350 million dollars. Splendid. It’s great to see the USA spending their money for genuine Humanitarian Aid with no strings attached once in a while. I hope it’s the start of a trend and not just because it would look bad to sit and do nothing as the body count mounts up. Now.. can we stop bickering, people? (yes, I -am- an “anti-war type”. If there is something wrong with that, then I must be having that terrible dream again where everyone thinks war is great for the economy. Either that or I’m in the United States.)

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