Now an Apology?

CBS fights tooth and nail against apologizing for airing fake documents on one of their premiere television shows, but when they cut off the final few minutes of CSI: New York to announce the death of Yassir Arafat, all hell breaks loose, and in less than 24 hours, a plea for forgiveness is issued. Unbelievable.

More here.

Still More: CableNewser has an "insider’s" perspective.

More More More: CBS Fires Producer who "cut in" to CSI. Mapes and Rather? Still collecting paychecks.


  1. Steveo'Brien says:

    Given the happy breaking news i would have thought the audience would still be toasting good ole Dan.

    Poor guy must not have any friends left. 😉

  2. Darn, I thought that it was a trailer for the new CSI: Paris!

  3. CBSNews: We Stand Behind the Forgeries, But We’re Sorry About Interrupting CSI

    On the one hand, this shows that CBSNews only cares about ratings and dollars. On the other hand, it shows that no one gives a fig about Dan Rather and CBS News. Shee-oot. Too bad Dan Rather didn’t pre-empt Everyone…

  4. Re: Arafat. A dead murderer is still a murderer. His desciples are still out there plotting the deaths of innocents in his name.


  5. CBS’ apologies and efforts to make amends

    Commendably, Glenn Reynolds is using both his MSNBC column and InstaPundit to keep the heat on CBS News to complete and announce the results of its long-silent investigation of Rathergate. Meantime, he and PunditGuy note that CBS has apologized for pre…

  6. I can understand the frustration. The last few minutes are when the mystery is wrapped up. Seems like they could have waited a few minutes. It’s not like he was going anywhere. 🙂

    On the other hand, I agree. I’m still waiting for a true apology from CBS. Not a “we’re sorry we got caught” but a “we’re sorry we aired lies.”

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