Nominate Dan!

The Democratic National Committee can look no further! I nominate Dan Rather to be the next DNC Chairman to replace Terry McAuliffe. If George Stephanopoulos can move from the Clinton cabinet to ABC’s "This Week", Dan can leave CBS and become the head honcho for the DNC. It’s a perfectly suited job for him – he won’t be limited in what he can or cannot say about his beloved Democratic Party. He won’t be constrained by the typical news editing/story vetting process that gave him so many headaches through the years and bit him during the forged document flap. Heck, Dan can even keep banging the "George W. Bush went AWOL" drum that McAuliffe played so frequently, and he can do it with a smile on his face. For a guy that is well into his 70’s, he can hit the demographic that might be the only constituency left for the DNC – the aged, social security dependent who is convinced that the Republican party wants to take away their medicare, throw them into the street and starve. Dan could further embolden them by resurrecting his "Courage" salutation!

Let’s do the right thing and put Dan with the crowd he adores! Nominate Dan Rather for DNC Chair TODAY!


  1. USAToday Acknowledges Rather Scalp a “Coup” For Bloggers

    More due to hubris, hackery, and liberal arrogance than bloggers, but still. Meanwhile, Pundit Guy suggests that Dan Rather move to the job he’s always wanted– DNC Chairman. Makes sense to me….

  2. Second Career for Dan Rather

    Pundit Guy has this clever idea for Mr Rather when he steps down:

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