No Shiite

Hillary poised to run for office in 2008. Gee, that’s news. What is amazing though is the hidden messages in her recent faintings speeches, which appear to reveal a reprise of her first love, socialized medicine.

Hillary Clinton is meticulously laying the groundwork for a presidential bid in 2008, evident in her recent round of ambitious speeches. The media was too busy reporting on her illness last week to notice a revealing speech she gave in Buffalo the day she fell sick, a speech in which she essentially renewed her call for Hillary Care.

Any column that highlights Hillary’s truth twisting is worth the read. Makson does a decent job here, but alas, the article is in The American Spectator, and not the New York Times (yes, I know, wishful thinking).

Meanwhile, Bubba (busy paying for his bimbo sins) is out shovelin the same  crap message.

Government subsidized healthcare for everyone! Has everyone forgotten 1992 when Bill put Hillary in charge of healthcare? Is there no one in the Democratic party who will stand up to Billary and demand a new focus, not a rehashed platform from the Clintonian years? Will Howard Dean have the juevos rancheros to chew these two up and spit ’em out?

I doubt it.

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