New Poll Bad News for Democrats

According to a late February poll conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 53 percent of Americans now believe the U.S. will succeed in Iraq. Normally this would be great news, and a big morale boost for the military. But for the Democratic party, this great news couldn’t come at a worse time. If Democrats have any hope of winning in November, the U.S. must lose in Iraq. Violence must increase. More U.S. soldiers must die. This is a major piece of the party platform. It is the only message Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi know how to deliver in front of the cameras they seek out every day. It is a cornerstone of Barack Obama’s candidacy. His message of hope and change is predicated upon a losing effort in Iraq. If we’re winning (and we are), Democrats are losing.

Look for the MSM to ignore this good news. And don’t count on hearing anything about our winning prospects from the DNC. It’s a losing strategy for them.

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