New Jersey?

Why is Bush campaigning in New Jersey today? Isn’t that a state that is “suppose” to go to John Kerry, or any Democrat running for president? I continue to think that this election isn’t as close as the daily tracking polls report. Kerry is campaigning in states that should be solidly democratic, while Bush is campaigning in states that aren’t traditional winners for a republican presidential candidate. Could this be the beginning of a landslide election? Don’t look to the media to report this kind of tracking. Look at the campaigns themselves. Kerry’s campaign knows something about which states are working and which aren’t. Watch how they spend their money, where they buy their ads. The same goes for the GOP. If, two weeks before the election, Bush is spending time and money in New Jersey, you know that the state is in play. If Kerry is pulling money out of Missouri, you know what they know. Keeping track of how the campaign money flows is always the best indicator of where the battle is being waged and won.

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