New Adobe eReader

Yesterday while I was listening to the CEO from Adobe talk about new technologies during O’Reilly’s Tools of Change Conference, he mentioned the release of a new web app called Adobe Digital Editions. So, I popped on over to the website to check it out. The software is both Windows and Mac compatible. Oh, and it’s pretty cool too. There are a few free eBooks to download, which I did. Plus, one of the great features is its ability to import PDF documents. I have a couple of books in PDF format on my machine, and bringing them into Digital Editions was easy. I haven’t read a lot of material through the viewer yet, so I’m not sure how hard on the eyes an extended session of use might be.

Whether this app survives over time isn’t the important thing. The fact that Adobe continues to evolve in this space is. After all, if the publishing world is using Adobe tools to create printed books, they should be able to easily export their work to a portable eBook format to be read on a multi-platform web app. The technology in Digital Editions is a good option today.

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