NBC Reports The Truth

At least in this case…

Visiting Iraq, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams learned from Army officers that Iraqis want U.S. forces to remain in their country, from NBC News Baghdad reporter Richard Engel that Al-Sadr’s insurgents have stepped down and are counting on pressure from anti-war opponents to provide them with victory, and from retired General and NBC News military analyst Wayne Downey that U.S. troops are proud of their mission. Traveling with Lieutenant General Ray Odierno for stories on his Monday newscast, Williams ran a clip of Army Colonel John Charlton proclaiming that Iraqis “do not want us to leave” and a soundbite from Army Lt. Colonel Charles Ferry who asserted: “The people here are very glad to see us.”

Williams marveled: “You just said, ‘They don’t want us to leave.’ That’s the tenth time today I’ve heard that. I’ve got to go back to the States and do a newscast that every night has another politician or 12 of them saying, ‘We have got to get out of that godforsaken place.'”

Read MSNBC’s report here.

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