National Peoples Republic Radio

On NPR this morning, Scott Horsley reported that President Bush made a “rare” visit with members of the media while on Air Force One yesterday. The president commented on his outlook for the remaining weeks of the campaign and spoke positively about his experiences on the trail. Unfortunately, Bush’s upbeat remarks were diminished by Horsley’s focus on the “rare” part of the visit. He commented that Bush’s impromptu meeting with the press could be a sign of “concern” amongst the campaign that Bush has suffered irreparable harm due to his debate performance and that he now had some spinning of his own to do.

When was the last time John Kerry had an interview with the press corp? And if he did so today, would it be “spun” by the media as an act of desperation? The simple answer is NO.

Need I remind everyone that the taxes we pay go to fund a huge portion of NPR’s budget? We might want to send them an email suggesting they allow Horsley to attend a “fair and balanced” reporting seminar. He could even study online.

UPDATE: The folks at the LA Times push the same crap. (reg required)

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