My REAL iPad 3 WiFi Problem

First of all, it’s legit.

Whenever new gadgets come out, there is always a group of people who are first to complain about some software bug, some hardware foul up, some blemish that results in the purchase being the biggest waste of time in their life (up to that moment). I usually look at these things as the normal 2% allocation of complainers. And low and behold, the manufacturer usually comes out with a “it’s not our problem, you’re doing it wrong” answer.

I’m not doing my iPad 3 wrong.

It first started when I was in my living room. I’ve had an iPad 1, iPad2, and now I have number 3. The first and second version never had any problem holding a strong WiFi signal. Granted, back then I had my WiFi router in the room with me. I recently moved the router upstairs next to my home office so I could get an even stronger signal there where I’m typically doing the heavy lifting. When the iPad 3 WiFi was flaking out, I blamed it on the fact that the router was now upstairs, dozens of feet away, with plenty of obstruction possibilities.

Funny thing though. My iPhone worked great. And my download speeds were strong and consistent.

I had problems in places I shouldn’t. Starbucks. My corporate WiFi connection at work, where the signal is bullet proof and blazing.

I had to investigate. I searched around the normal bulletin boards, the support forums, the usual. As expected, all I found was the complaining. And then, I found this, the so called iPad 3 “Death Grip”.

I tested it. And guess what?


WiFi antenna blockage just where you don’t want it. Where you hold the bloody device. Turn the thing upside down, and WOW – LIGHTNING FAST INTERNET!

Uh, ahem, Apple. Let’s chat.

This machine I have in my hand cost me greater than $600. The WiFi should work, flawlessly, because it is, uh, a MOBILE APPLIANCE!

That means I walk around with it and it connects to the Internet flawlessly. You know, just like your ad says it does. Just like the wonderfully written ad copy on your website.

Three words.


Until then, I have to hold the machine like a dork, with the home button on top instead of where it should be, next to my thumb.

That is all.


  1. I had the same problem with my new iPad, the wifi range was really poor. The worst part was no matter where I looked, I always found the same step by step guide to reset the network configuration, which worked only for the older models that could not recognize your home network at all Finally I had the luck to land on a review of a case from Pong Research. They produce this really interesting cases that have an antennae in between layers of the back cover, which redirects and boost the wifi signals into/from the antennae built-in the iPad, this fixes the new iPad 3 wifi range issues .

  2. We’re you able to resolve this matter with Apple?
    I have an ipad 3 and am experiencing this very problem.

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