My Kind of Gun Control

Via CNN:

When two men walked into a popular country store outside Atlanta, announced a holdup and fired a shot, owners Bobby and Gloria Doster never hesitated. The pair pulled out their own pistols and opened fire.

The armed suspect and his partner were killed. The Dosters won’t be charged, according to local officials, because they were acting in self-defense.

"I just started shooting," said Gloria Doster, 56. "I was trying to blow his brains out is what I was trying to do."

And that’s the last time the Dosters will ever be robbed. God Bless ’em.

Note to future convenience store robbers…steer clear of hitting any store in the deep south. Chances are good that the owner is packing anything from a .44 or .45 semi-automatic to a bazooka, and they aint gonna ask any questions first.


  1. That’s TOO funny

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