Müslitaler – Little Pucks O' Love

I told everyone I was going to Frankfurt, Germany on business, but I actually had an ulterior motive. The truth of it is, I travelled 5023 miles for…Müslitaler.

This wonderful little cookie is found exclusively at a bakery called Wiener Feinbäcker. Unfortunately, there are only a few locations. I’ve become a ‘regular’ at the Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof outlet. 


The Wiener Feinbäcker is basically a bakery specializing in breads and a variety of pastries. I discovered this little slice of heaven in 2000, during my first trip to Frankfurt. From the initial bite, I immediately realized a new consciousness. You see, I was transported to a higher level of nirvana in those few seconds of chewing. Quite simply, I fell in love with this new friend. So I did the natural thing. I named the Müslitaler. From that moment on, I called the disc shaped morsels ‘hockey pucks’, due to their density and weight.


As you can see, the Müslitaler are not cheap. For 1,10 EURO, or $1.32 U.S., you can purchase one. But like a Lays Potato Chip, you can’t just eat one. The Müslitaler have a certain power over some, and in our first meeting I was caught by its magical powers. Our relationship started innocently enough. I would buy one Müslitaler and then the next day I would buy another. Ah, but that was short lived. The addiction encircled me, and during this trip, I found myself purchasing 5, 6, and 7 Müslitaler at a time.


The Müslitaler are best consumed in the early morning, just after the goddesses at Wiener Feinbäcker remove them from the bakery ovens. Hard on the outside, but warm in the middle, the Müslitaler taste like honey flavored granola mixed with oatmeal. Raisins are included to provide the perfect amount of sweetness. 


If you put your nose close to your computer screen, you can practically smell these little babies. Ummm.


While I typically eat the Müslitaler straight from the bag, this wonderfully round jewel of Germany demands a level of respect other pastries only dream of. As such, I do typically present the Müslitaler in a most proper way, as illustrated above.

Next time you find yourself in Frankfurt, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Viernheim, Heidelberg, Köln or Berlin, I’d advise you to immediately seek out the closest Wiener Feinbäcker you can find. For if you are among the chosen (like me), you too will discover the special kind of love brought on by the Müslitaler. The experience is better than _____ (fill in your preferred descriptor).

***Please note – you might want to chase the Müslitaler with a fruit juice, lots of water, or some other liquid designed to ‘move things along’. The Müslitaler, while providing a joyous experience for your tastebuds, do have a tendency of slowing down the digestive track. Your mileage may vary.

Just a suggestion.

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