We Heart Roberts

Talk about a load of crap. In less than 30 seconds after Bush announced John Roberts as his Supreme Court nominee, released this greatest hits list on the conservative judge:

  • Roberts has been associated with some of the most fringe and extreme views of the Republican Party for years.
  • He has supported the “takings” philosophy of the extreme right, which calls for government to compensate polluters.
  • He believes Roe should be “overturned,” and won the case that gagged doctors so they could not even discuss abortion with their patients.
  • He opposed clean air rules and worked to help coal companies strip mine mountaintops.
  • He tried to stop Congress from strengthening the Voting Rights Act.
  • He worked to keep injured workers from receiving disability. And no wonder, he’s regularly been associated with corporate, far right legal groups in America – the Washington Legal Foundation, the Federalist Society, and the so-called National Legal Center for the Public Interest.

And those were the nice comments.

Freakin idiots.

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