Most Useful Sites on the Internet

Are you bored browsing Facebook all the time and wish you could find something else interesting to look at? Don’t really know how to get the most out of Google searches for neat serundipitous discovery? Check out the 70 Most Useful Sites on the Internet. Here’s the top 20.

1. — Find something random to watch on Netflix.
2. — Find somewhere to drink a pint in the sun.
3. — Upload your gifs.
4. — Convert documents.
5. — Download all the free software you want at the same time.
6. — Speed read the web one word at a time.
7. — Find out which applications you should remove from your computer. 
8. — Find places to go in public that are not crowded.
9. — Practice your touch typing.
10. — Get old versions of software.
11. — Find out how readable text is.
12. — Have emails sent when you die.
13. — Budget your money.
14. — Plan your route with the best lodging and attractions.
15. — A search engine that is not following you.
16. — Maps out possible apartments/homes that fit your criteria.
17. — Another great source for finding your next home.
18. — Make any webpage print friendly.
19. — Print precisely what you want from any webpage. 
20. — Write a note to someone that will self-destruct after they read it.

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