Most Idiotic Story of the Day

The award goes to Susan Ager of the Detroit Free Press. Ager starts her Thursday column with the following:

“More than 300 people escaped with their lives from a burning plane in Toronto on Tuesday. Now I want to know: What did they lose?”

She wants to know what material possessions were lost aboard the Air France flight that crash landed and burned on Tuesday. You heard me right. Every other story in the world focused on the most important factor – that none of the 309 souls on board were killed. But is that important to Susan? Heck no. She wonders what it’s like for the businessman survivor who has to show up for his presentation in a T-shirt and shorts.

She goes on…

“I wonder about the tangible things these survivors lost, and how those losses complicated their lives.

I read that the plane held a 27-year-old woman from India and her 4-year-old son, both immigrating to Canada. How much of what means the most to them burned up in their checked luggage?

Did she manage to grab his favorite plaything from beneath the seat in the smoke-filled darkness? What will she now be compelled to buy first in her new country?”

What the?

Does anyone (other than Ager) wonder for a second if a mother thought about grabbing a cheap little plastic toy or a simple stuffed animal for her son in those few seconds in which she was sure they both would die?

Do you think any one of these people were worried about leaving their copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on the plane?


Susan, these people were glad to be ALIVE! Contrary to the what the little embicile in your pea brain has to say, a life is worth more than a child’s plaything.


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